I believe that law and finance should go hand in hand, and that the synergy of both is the back bone of any business no matter how small or large. This is why I require all the lawyers at our firm to understand the world of finance and through this we hope to offer more value to our clients.

As a firm, our greatest asset are our Lawyers, and that is why we train together through formal and informal discussions. We have lawyers with a variety of backgrounds and education, both domestic and international with a multitude of talent and special skills. Unlike most law firms, we ensure that each and every one of our lawyers has an intimate knowledge in the workings of our firm, and the issues that face our clients; this is why I can proudly say my colleagues are some of the best and brightest in the industry.

In the early stages of the firm we were engaged by what seemed at the time smaller companies, however over the years as our clients grew, we grew with them, and now I am happy to have released an IPO and handled transactions involving airplanes, oil tankers, and many more. It has been an honour to know that the clients we first started with are still the same clients we are working with today.

Although our firm has accomplished a lot over the years, the achievements that matter most occur on a case by case basis. So when our clients are successful so are we and as a lawyer and managing partner of Jurnalis and Ponto Law Firm nothing brings our firm greater pride than to grow and succeed with our clients.

Fauzi Jurnalis, S.H., M.H. is a well-known figure in both the legal and financial industry with over 20 years of experience. He has extensive experience in the Banking sector both domestically and international and equally within the legal industry as a Senior and Managing partner. Mr. Jurnalis is also an entrepreneur and a skilled negotiator successfully handling numerous transactions and settlements. With broad experience covering corporate, commercial, capital markets, debt restructuring and many more, Mr. Jurnalis has represented dozens of clients from the Banking, Oil, and financial industry.